Below is a list of our talented 2024 Artisans.

Alchemy Jewelry
Alchemy Jewelry came to be through the process of risk, creativity, and a desire to create something beautiful, lasting and from the natural world. Most pieces are made from things found locally or from a place that holds a significant memory or fondness.

Tote - Love Alpaca

Angel Hair Alpacas
We are a family owned and operated fiber and alpaca breeding farm featuring award-winning alpacas. We feature many one of a kind products made from our fibers that we sell to support our farm. We also sell products made in Massachusetts from the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool as a contributing farm.  Alpaca is one of the most uniquely energy efficient fibers in the world!  Up to 5x warmer and 4x drier than wools, softer, more durable, naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Alpacas are also an environmentally friendlier animal than other fiber animals.   

Wild Maine Blueberry

Brookfield Candle Company
We are a family run candle company who prides itself on creating high quality, soy-based candle products for eco-conscious consumers who want to take better care of the earth, while enjoying the fragrant and empowering effects of our product. If you don’t like our candles, please tell us. If you LOVE our candles, please tell someone else!


Handcrafted produce bags, soaps, lotions, fruit fly repellent bags, and tote bags.

Broccoli and Lilacs
Broccoliandlilacs will bring clothing, aprons, baby items, etc. She focuses on items that are meant to be used every day and try to make the notion of making your own clothing more common and less of a luxury notion.

Cave Studio Arts

Handcrafted silver jewelry combining a love of metals & semi precious gemstones. Each piece is created with recycled silver and carefully curated hand-cut gemstone cabochons. I love creating pieces that are elegantly understated as well as fun & funky.

Christian Hill Farm

Christian Hill Farm is a small dairy goat farm located in Upton, MA. We make handmade goat milk soap from all of our own goat’s milk. We also handcraft a variety of other body products, including lotions, lip balms, beard oils, scrubs and more. We make cold processed soap in a variety of scents, colors and with various additives. Everything is made in small batches with care!

Comer Teng Studio

Comer Teng Studio is a husband and wife team that designs and creates wood/leather jewelry and accessories out of their home studio in Franklin.

Cord & Oak Woodworking

Cord and Oak Woodworking Company is an Ashland, MA business that specializes in traditional, handmade Shaker oval boxes, carriers, and trays. Our boxes are made from domestic hardwoods such as cherry, maple, walnut, and ash, and are finished with either a natural-grain look or in traditional milk paint colors.  These boxes were the traditional means of storage in New England kitchens and pantries in the 1800s.

Crazed Mom Candle Company
Combining the love of candles and the crazy life of parenthood. 100% soy wax, hand poured in small batches by a crazed Mom of 3 boys. 

Definitely Annie
Annie creates crocheted wire gemstone necklaces, as Annie creates crocheted wire gemstone necklaces, as well as handmade earrings, bracelets, and necklaces using genuine Venetian/Murano blown glass, sterling silver, or vermeil.

Hand-crafted Greeting Cards for all occasions because no one displays an email on the mantel, or shows off a Tweet on the fridge or saves a Facebook post in a box of treasures. Proceeds will go to support The Imago School in Maynard and The Greyhound Friends in Hopkinton.

Feltish Creations
I am a local fiber artist who enjoys crafting with felt and wool. I love making beautiful bouquets of felt flowers that bloom and last forever, looking realistic but also a bit whimsical. My favorite are wildflowers! Felt flowers make perfect keepsake gifts and are ideal to brighten up any space. I always have a big variety but have done custom orders as well. I also enjoy making realistic felt food for kids’ play kitchens.

Fiora Soap Company
Here at Fiora we use the traditional technique of cold process. This process allows for more control over the ingredients and no need for added detergents. We make a point to not use any harmful fragrances, colorants, or oils. Everything is handmade, dyed, and scented with clays, botanicals, and essential oils. We understand the importance of knowing what is in your skincare and promise to always be transparent about our ingredients and strive to create the best bar for you.

Gatto Woodworking
Gatto Woodworking creates pieces that are useful and pleasing to the eye – it is both our pleasure and our goal. After a career in education, and years of learning-by-doing, I’ve now gathered various pieces which are helpful and attractive for any household. You’ll find there is added pleasure in using a handcrafted piece that is practical. 

Guilday Glass

Unique stained glass made with fused beads, copper, shells, and colorful glass, ranging in style from whimsical to nautical.

Hannah Paints Lovely Things
Hannah paints the lovely things with expressive, colorful marks on stretched canvas.  She shares mostly acrylic images of favorite foods, fresh produce and stunning bouquets of flowers.  Have a request? She takes commissions for pet portraits, landscapes and more!  

Farmhouse Cider

Jennifer’s Handmade Soap
Jennifer’s Handmade Soap is known for unique artisan soaps.  Jennifer loves color and design and strives to make her soaps visually appealing while also making a gentle and moisturizing bar of soap. She also makes a wide range of bath products including: bath bombs, bubble bath, hand and foot balms, sugar scrubs, lip balms, lip scrubs, body butter, foot fizzies, foot scrubs, a variety of gift sets, dryer balls, facial products, and bath accessories.

Linden Tree Press
What do you read for fun?  Do you enjoy a good crime story, or do you prefer fantastical adventures involving werewolves, trolls, and carnivorous marshmallows?  Tilia Klebenov Jacobs’ award-winning novels are suitable for adults and readers of all ages.

Lisa Heffley Jewelry
Lisa Heffley will bring mixed metals jewelry and wood salt cellars.

Meaningful Handcrafted jewelry and Vessels

Vessels: process of creating vessels out of clay has many stages, and many opportunities for creative shape, surface design, and color. Initially the clay is wedged or kneaded, to make it uniform. The piece is kiln-fired, and then glaze is either poured on or the piece is dipped. Meaningful Handcrafted Jewelry: All jewelry is hand cut with a jewelry’s saw through pierce work. I flatten the spoon, draw a design, drill holes for my cutting blade. I cut out the design and may add a crystal to it. I use fine silver discs to create enamels with the same cutting process.

Miraya DesignZ
Miraya DesignZ specialty lies in creating fusion jewelry, where we combine Freshwater Pearls and Semi Precious Stones/Crystals along with different materials and techniques to create a harmonious blend of styles that reflects a true expression of individuality. 

One of a kind ceramic pieces designed to make you smile as you use them in your home or gift them to others. Whimsical, cheery color combinations are used to make these functional pieces which add delightful personality whether you use them for entertaining or daily use.

Rag Rage 707
Rag Rage 707 makes one of a kind hand sewn tote bags from upcycled fabric, including recycled fabrics and lined bags with seatbelt webbing for sturdy handles.

Resin & Wood
Resin and Wood produces both functional and fashionable items for your home. The results are unique and beautiful charcuterie boards (which can be customized with college logos, nature scenes, personalizations, or abstract designs), wall art (featuring geometric block designs, or hobby themes), furniture (including raw wood edge tables and desks), and more.

Roots and Fruits Homestead
Roots and Fruits Homestead creates sewn and crocheted decor suitable for kitchen and bath. Each item is carefully handmade with fabric purchased from a local small business. Products include the oven dress (dress-shaped oven towel), gathering apron (a cord turns the apron into a basket for carrying produce or picking up a room), and crocheted wine bottle cozy.

Second Chance Designs
All of my mittens are handmade in Massachusetts from recycled sweaters. All hats are also hand knit by me in Massachusetts. I have been in business going on 20 years.

SilverLeaf Studios
Elegant and timeless, handcrafted jewelry and suncatchers in sterling silver and knotted silk, with natural gemstones and Czech glass beads.

Social Catalysts Charitable Foundation
Social Catalysts Charitable Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) social enterprise that creates employment opportunities for adults with disabilities by producing new products from recycled videotapes. Individuals with disabilities weave a beautiful fabric out of reclaimed videotapes and are paid for their work. Social Catalysts designs totes and other accessories with the fabric and works with a local seamstress to turn these designs into products.

Stone Street Tye-Dye
Each one piece of clothing is handmade, and hand drawn, so each item is an exclusive one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. We create tie-dye twists and flames, but he specializes in hand designed infants, kids & adult clothing with guitars, sharks, pickles, clams, hearts, dogs, skulls; soccer balls, unicorns and more. All designs are created on girls dresses, onesies, t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, hats and bandannas. Sizes run from infants to adults 3X.

The Art of Torn Paper
Beverly Ramsay has developed a unique form of art by tearing handmade paper to create pictures and sculptures depicting the cultural heritage of many nations. Each image and sculpture are a part of every woman. Her art serves as a global message about women of various backgrounds balancing their lives. Her extensive lectures at universities, organizations and exhibits at galleries and art shows have enabled communities to be motivated by her artwork. She has inspired others to view paper in an innovative fashion helping them to create new inspirations through this medium.

The Artistry by Lisa
THE ARTISTRY BY LISA, a woman owned business, based in Massachusetts, specializing in handcrafted resin art. Where founder and artist, Lisa, hand pours, one-of-a-kind, custom and ready-made works of art with attention to detail and admiration for beautiful decor.

True Happiness Designs Jewelry
True Happiness Designs is created to remind you that happiness starts by being true to you. Using the highest quality materials, sterling silver and semiprecious gemstones, and simple wire techniques, I create casual, everyday, stylish pieces that tell your story, your way.

Two Orange Cats Jewelry
Handcrafted jewelry and ornaments are made with genuine surf tumbled sea glass, beach stones and pottery combined with other high-quality materials such as semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls and sterling silver to create one of a kind pieces.

Upcycled Life
Upcycled Life will bring planters made from upcycled items and house plants.

Vista Grainworks
Vista Grainworks specializes in high-end kitchen decor with an emphasis on cutting boards, live-edge charcuterie boards, and much, much more. Every piece of wood is carefully sourced from vendors around New England before we handcraft it into something unique and beautiful. Whether you’re looking for a showcase piece for your kitchen or an everyday cutting board, Vista Grainworks has you covered.

Waning Crescent Soap Company
Waning Crescent Soap Co. concentrates on creating quality body-care products made with care and a short ingredient list. All of our products are hand-crafted in small batches using high quality natural and/or organic ingredients. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful soaps and body care items that are vegan, palm-free and can be used as a part of your everyday life.

Wooden Pants Wood Crafters
Wooden Pants Wood Crafter specializes in woodworking and produce unique pieces.