The Massachusetts’ Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) will be in effect this Summer

SNAP recipients will receive an instant, dollar-for-dollar match credited to their EBT/SNAP card onpurchases of local fruits and vegetables at our two participating farm vendors. 

When a SNAP recipient first comes to the Market Manager table, ask if they have taken advantage of HIP yet. If not, send them to AFM’s two participating HIP farm vendors:

AFM Participating Vendors:

  • Long Life Farm
  • Upswing Farm

SNAP participants can use the SNAP EBT cards directly at the above vendors. They have their own EBT terminals.

After purchasing fresh local fruits and vegetables using their HIP funds, they should return to the Market Manager table to receive their SNAP tokens and up to $25 SNAP match in tokens.

The HIP incentive benefit has a monthly cap based on household size:

Household Size HIP Monthly Cap
1-2 persons $40
3-5 persons$60
6+ persons$80