Interested in becoming a food vendor? Please click here for the rules and fill out the application. All food vendors are required to secure a permit from the Ashland Board of Health.


Bell and Goose
Bell & Goose Cheese Co.

Anna from Bell & Goose Cheese Co, located in South Hampton, NH, makes a wide variety of artisan cow milk cheeses including camembert, feta, Swiss/alpine, cheese curds. She also makes some sheep milk cheeses on occasion. All of her milk is from neighboring farms where the animals are well loved and cared for.

Boston Sword & Tuna
BST png WITH WHITE - UPDATED, Less mouth.png

Boston Sword and Tuna prides itself on knowing which boats to buy from. Establishing long-lasting relationships enables them to consistently source the best quality products on the market. Barbara Sherman is the person who picks up their best fish and seafood at Boston’s pier to bring to the Ashland Farmers Market. Please email your order to Barbara Sherman no later than Wednesday evenings for pickup at our Saturday market. Let her know what kind of fish, the amount, your cell phone number if it is your first time ordering, and that it’s for pick up at Ashland Farmers Market. She will bring extra fish to sell, but to make sure you get what you want, it is best to pre-order by Wednesday evenings. For questions, contact Barbara at 508.259.2149.

Doragon Eatery

Transparent Logo.pngDoragon Eatery by Chef Alan MacIntosh is a culinary haven for Asian comfort food enthusiasts. Chef Alan, driven by his passion for authentic flavors and innovative culinary techniques, masterfully blends traditional dishes with unique fusion elements. The menu showcases a harmonious mix of Japanese, Thai, Korean, and Vietnamese cuisines, promising an unforgettable dining experience. Signature dishes include Traditional Japanese Ramen, rich in umami and meticulously crafted, alongside the Honey Gochujang Katsu Sando, a delightful fusion of spicy-sweet Korean flavors with a crispy, Japanese Katsu. At Doragon Eatery, each dish reflects Chef Alan’s dedication to both tradition and culinary creativity.

Dulce D Leche

Jules and Ryan Remenar return for their 9th market season as Dulce D Leche, a scratch bakery, gelato maker, and cafe based in Ashland.  Offerings for the market this year have expanded to include freshly baked artisan breads, Danish pastry, brioche sweet rolls, and Argentinian pastry (Facturas). They continue to make fresh pies with all-butter crusts, sweet & savory croissants, and a wide range of premium cookies, bars, and chocolates.  Stop by for breakfast or lunch to enjoy our fluffy egg patties on croissants or fresh breads, the best shawarma and falafel gyros around, or a box of fresh bread slices with  handmade spreads and jams.  Need a cold creamy dessert: they will have a selection of their handmade lactose-free-dairy gelatos for scooping as well.

Everything Jalapeno and Not

Everything Jalapeno and Not are producers of home-made pickles, jams, salsas, and relishes. They strive to provide customers with the best tasting condiments combining unique flavors, quality ingredients, inspired yet practical packaging and reasonable prices. Products are made in a local commercial kitchen. Their special blend of onions, cucumbers, jalapenos, vinegar and spices can transform an ordinary meal in minutes. If you like to turn it up a notch , try their HOT selections. All products are free from preservatives, colorings, and artificial flavorings. All are gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian.

Joyberry Farms

Welcome to Joyberry Farms

Joy and Brad have always loved cooking together and creating recipes using new and innovative ingredients. A few years ago they fell in love with mushrooms and decided to cultivate them.  They bring lions mane, oyster and shitake mushrooms. Joyberry Farms is a small but growing farm in Mason, NH.

Lilac Hedge Farm
Lilac Hedge Farm Logo

Lilac Hedge Farm practices pasture-raised livestock farming on an expansive 350 acre farm. They are caretakers with a commitment to stewardship that reaches beyond their farm gate. They are proud to be bringing animal proteins like we used to eat years ago. Eggs are nest-laid and hand-gathered. The Lilac Hedge family believes that the earth’s most delicious, healthiest foods are created when farmers work in harmony with nature. On the Rutland, MA, farm they raise beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey and duck on a pasture based system from birth to processing. Lilac Hedge offers a meat CSA. 

Okashi Cafe

Okashi Cafe by Chef Paponake MacIntosh is a delightful blend of tradition and innovation, showcasing his passion for baking. Chef Paponake masterfully combines classic Thai flavors with contemporary twists, offering an exquisite culinary experience. His menu features delectable Sweet Waffles and Egg Puff Waffles, each crafted with care to highlight unique textures and tastes.

Bubble Tea at Okashi Cafe is a must-try, perfectly complementing the array of sweet & savory treats. Chef Paponake’s dedication to using high-quality ingredients and his creative approach make Okashi Cafe a standout destination for both traditional and modern dessert lovers.

Sunshine Farm


Sunshine Farm is a third generation New England family farm in Sherborn, owned and operated by Jim Geoghegan with help from son Mike and daughter Katie. The farm is a 45 acre diversified fruit and vegetable operation and also grows greenhouse seedlings  and hanging baskets in season. They strive to grow and provide the best fresh produce using best agricultural practices in a family friendly atmosphere.  In addition to produce, they will bring strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and peaches to our market.

The Bagel Table

Ed Eglites of Ashland’s Bagel Table shop brings freshly baked OMG bagels, English muffins, challah bread, and seasonal pies. Bagel varieties include cinnamon, raisin, poppy, sesame, veggie, whole wheat, French toast and the popular asiago bagel.

The Lemon Spot at Hanson’s Farm “Squeeze the Day”

Farmer Martha oversees the Lemon Spot “Squeeze the Day” during the hot days of summer.  She brings freshly squeezed lemonade sweetened to order and topped with seasonal fruit from her family’s fifth generation working farm in Framingham.

Upswing Farm

Farmers Brittany and Kevin of Upswing Farm got their start leasing land in Ashland, Holliston and Franklin. After a two-year process, the farm was able to secure a permanent location in Pepperell, MA. The Farm is a certified organic small, diversified vegetable farm. They are dedicated to their customers in Ashland, who helped build their business, and will continue to distribute CSA shares to their regular pick up locations in Holliston and Hopkinton.


1634 Meadery

1634 Meadery is a small artisanal style honey-wine maker located in Ipswich, making small scale batches of wine in a manner that helps capture the true honey, fruit and spice tastes and smells of local ingredients.  Mead is an ancient drink, dating back thousands of years.  It was supplanted by beer, cider and wine over recent history, but is finally making a deserved comeback.

Aaronap Cellars

aaronapAaronap Cellars is a microbrewery based in Westford, MA that melds tradition, art, and modern scientific knowledge to produce innovative and unique artisanal wines using grapes and fruit sourced from the finest vineyards and orchards in New England and beyond. Each wine is hand-crafted in our custom-built winery.

Basil n Spice

Basil n' Spice Home

Bator Lachmann, owner of Basil n Spice, a Thai restaurant in Worcester, will be bringing her Pad Thai meal kits. The kit will include the noodles and special sauce from her restaurant. Add some chicken or shrimp and veggies and prepare a quick tasty meal in your own kitchen.

Cousins Maine Lobster  Food  Truck

National known, yet locally Boston owned, Cousins Maine Lobster brings lobster rolls and other specialty lobster items.  Popular items include: lobster rolls, lobster tacos, lobster quesadillas, lobster grilled cheese and lobster bisque.

Doris Peruvian Pastries


Owner, Doris Montoya, brings the unique taste of true Peruvian culture.  Her goal is to bring cultural diversity to local communities, especially ones where there are no other products like them. Products include: Alfajores (cookies with caramel), Rosquitas (sweet anise ropes), Milhojas (thousand layer cake with caramel), Cocadas (Macaroons), Pionono (vanilla or chocolate roll cake with caramel), and Palmiers and Strawberry Puffs.

Hillcrest Apiaries


Owner Jim Dawber of Southbridge brings products from the beehive.  He brings all-natural local raw honey, creamed honey, plain, flavored and spiced honey. He also offers  beeswax candles in attractive shapes.

Iemmallo Wine Cellars

Iemmallo Wine Cellars produce artisan wines made with premium grapes sourced from coastal New England, the New York Finger Lakes, and the finest regions on the west coast of the United States.

Mei Mei

Mei Mei Dumplings is a woman-owned, farm-focused business based in Boston. Mei Mei’s unconventional dumpling combinations showcase their love for great New England ingredients along with a pursuit of what tastes delicious. They use pasture-raised meat from small, independent family farms, and source 70% of their produce from the Northeast.

Nutty Bird Premium Handcrafted Granola

Chef Brian Neyenhouse created Nutty Bird Granola for his family in Sherborn. He handcrafts and bakes oats and nuts in small batches. His granola is packed with almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashews, and sweetened with maple syrup and honey for a one-of-a-kind taste.

Ready Cook

Ready Cook is a woman owned, local business based in Walpole, MA. They feature seasoning blends, baking mixes and crockpot mixes. Products are designed with the home cook in mind – quick & easy meals using only a few ingredients. With no artificialness, this is as homemade as it gets!

SA’s Homestyle

Jim Glick of Natick is the producer of SA’s sweet and spicy sauce. The sauce can be used as a dipping/finishing sauce, marinade, BBQ sauce, additive or cooking ingredient. The sauce was inspired by his wife’s family recipe in Thailand.  He offers Extra-Hot, Hot and Mild. The sauces have some heat but even the spiciest varieties will not set your mouth on fire!


Bali Marle

Explore the taste and spices of Indonesia, thanks to former Ashland residents Marle and James Towne, who have started a catering business, “Bali Marle,” now in Webster.  Marle grew up in Java and loves to cook the authentic comfort foods of her island nation.

Blisspoint Meadery

Blisspoint MeaderyBlisspoint Meadery makes mead, an alcohol made from honey, in Bedford MA. They craft lower alcohol carbonated meads that are cider strength (6.9% abv), as well as more traditional mead styles which are still and wine strength (12.5% abv). Meads range from dry to sweet, and come in honey only flavors as well as fruited, herbed, and spiced. They are beekeepers and produce several products from our bees own honey, but we also support local beekeepers by using their honey. Cheers!

Elizabeth’s Custom Bakes

180213605_1332031540516949_3854074858941In 2015, Elizabeth (Liz) Sullivan, founded Elizabeth’s Custom Bakes at home with little more than a tiny hand mixer, a few pounds of flour and a strong passion for baking for friends and family.  Since then, Liz has earned a degree in Baking and Pastry Arts from Johnson and Wales University, and her little business has grown in into the fully licensed and insured  home bakery that it is today.

Flats Mentor Farm

Flats Mentor greens best

Yia Ly Hang started farming at age 5 in her native Laos, Southeast Asia, but today works a plot of land at Flats Mentor Farm in Lancaster, MA. Immigrant and refugee farmers from Southeast Asia and Africa learn sustainable farming techniques on the 70 acres of Flats Mentor Farm. Her family brings Asian vegetables such as pea tendrils and snow peas, scallions, amaranth, bok choy, water spinach, Chinese spinach, squash flowers, and cilantro.

FlavorUp Sprinkles

A local artisan product born at Worcester Regional Food Hub | FlavorupSprinkles created by Nepal native Kusum are umami packed toppings that come in peanut or dried shrimp! Each flavor comes in 3 spice levels and are great additions to noodles, dumplings, fried rice and even salads!

Grizzly Ventures

Ashland resident and food consultant David “Sparky” of Grizzly Ventures, mixes and packages spice rubs and brines. His products include: Cub Rub, Old Reliable Rub, Sweaty Bear Island Rub, Extreme Rub, Costa Rica Comfort Rub and Five Claw Spice Rub.

one bite bakery

one bite bakery was founded in 2019 after hearing one comment from her sister “I wish these were smaller cause I want to eat them all”. It was moments after that that the name and full concept was created! one bite bakery officially started vending at farmers markets in the summer of 2020 right in Grafton, MA. Four summers later and they have expanded and reached over 10 towns attending different markets as a bi-weekly or pop-up vendor.


Nichole Nduati of TeaJani brings low caffeine, low sugar teas that are safe for the whole family to enjoy. This blended Kenyan-American family-run company sources teas for their original homemade blends from Kenya and sources floral herbal teas locally.

The Farmer Foodie

Alison is the founder of The Farmer Foodie LLC. She is a plant-forward product and recipe developer. She brings to market her delicious Everything Cheeze: a raw vegan, gluten free, and soy free Cashew Parmesan Alternative. It is inherently sustainable with its plant-based organic ingredients and long shelf-life. Everything Cheeze is a multi-use product that can be hydrated in 30 seconds and blended into a queso, ricotta, or mac & cheeze sauce.

Wicked Fruitful

Mal Klesna-Blat of Wicked Fruitful makes specialty fruity foods, primarily fruit spreads, non-caffeinated fruity teas (aka tisanes) and unique fruity baked goods. All her products have a European twist to New England flavors. They use mostly local ingredients, are preservative-free, with reduced-sugar or have no sugar added.  All packaging is eco-friendly: empty glass jars can be returned and bags and boxes are made from craft paper or real cellophane made from cellulose and are compostable and bio-degradable.