Got Baggage Ad_3 col x 7 in Local Town PagesThe AFM “Got Baggage” initiative, new for our 4th season, aims to eliminate plastic bags at the market. Striving to be part of a solution for plastic pollution, AFM is encouraging visitors to bring reusable shopping bags or borrow reusable bags from the Market Manager’s tent. Vendors will use BioBags® when needed.

A big thank you to the following individuals and businesses that have donated to our reusable bag collection:

Special thanks to new neighbor, Needham Bank, for their marketing and design help with our campaign.

Below are some great tips from AFM supporter, Leah Marshquist:

Local coverage of this important topic:

Want more information on the impact of plastic bags. Click on any of the links below.

Do you have any plastic reduction tips you want to share with us? Let us know what you’re doing to be part of the solution to plastic pollution.