The wait is finally over…


The blocks have arrived! After a couple trips to the hardware store, we have found a box big enough to store them in.  Be sure to visit the market this weekend and play with us.

We would like to thank the following supporters for helping to make this possible:

Trunk Level Supporters

  • The Ashland Mom’s Club
  • The Carve Cafe
  • Kelly Erickson
  • Meigs Family
  • mvgolik
  • The Chase Family
  • Moolenbeek
  • Steve Mitchell
  • The Marshquist Family

Branch Level Supporters

  • Catherine Crow
  • catguido
  • Sarah Schmidt
  • Barbara Hescock
  • mvgolik
  • Robert Seater
  • Michelle Chase

Leaf Level Supporters

  • dchunglo625
  • clairegoss
  • Lauren Lapaglia
  • Frederic Vigneault
  • erst12
  • Peggy Grimes
  • meskee9
  • c2douce

In addition to these donations, there were dozens of other people who pledged at other levels or anonymously online and a few folks who gave us cash directly at the market. THANK YOU!

And special thanks to Rob Moolenbeek, who assembled not just one box, but two boxes to get the best fit for the blocks…