By Amanda Beland / Daily News Staff
Posted Nov. 6, 2015 at 2:56 PM
ASHLAND – Attendance at this season’s Ashland Farmers Market rose by 35 percent.

From June 13 through Oct. 10, 24,445 customers visited the market, with each market averaging close to 1,400 visitors.

Rob Molenbeek, one of the market’s founders, attributes the increase to good weather, an increase in popular market special events and the market becoming more known around town. This year, the market hosted 12 special events, including themes such as Indian culture, sustainability and vintage. Each event featured exhibits and activities related to the designated theme alongside the regular food and artisan vendors.

The events are making the farmers market a destination to go spend time on a Saturday with everyone,” said Molenbeek. “We were also very lucky this year with the weather. We only had one bad weather day.”

Molenbeek said the market added only a couple more vendors this year, with 64 food sellers and artisans participating.

“It’s very rewarding work,” said Molenbeek. “Some of us come ever week. My wife and I go every week. Steve Mitchell (Board of Selectmen vice chair) pretty much goes every week. So for those people, it’s very rewarding to see this doing well. The farmers market is becoming a meeting place to see and meet everyone.”

Residents can still get a piece of Ashland Farmers Market this year if they attend this month’s indoor pre-Thanksgiving market on Nov. 21. Like the traditional market, more than 15 food and artisan vendors will be selling local goods to be used for the big meal. The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Ashland Middle School.

More information on the market – including volunteering opportunities – can be found

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