Hope to see you at the market on Saturday.

Here is the preorder info.

Aaronap Cellars
Artisanal Massachusetts wines. Pre-order online or call 508-501-4495 by Friday at 6pm. 
Boston Sword and Tuna
Fresh, never frozen, fish and seafood – sold vacuum packed. Pre-order from Barbara Sherman at 508-259-2149 or barbarasherman@verizon.net by 9pm Thursday.
Crust Artisan Bake Shop
Breads (Sourdough ~ Kalamata olive ~ honey oat ~ ciabatta ~ focaccia), muffins, scones, Apple Cider doughnuts, cookies, pastries and croissants. Order online or by phone at 774-823-3355 by Wednesday. 
Doris’ Peruvian Pastries
Peruvian treats ~ Alfajores (Regular, with coconut or dipped in chocolate), Rosquitas and Orejitas. Pre-order by phone at 774-245-5172 or email peruvianpastries@gmail.com by Wednesday.
Dulce D Leche
Pints of gelato and sorbetto, savory croissants, mini and full-size fruit pies, and frozen/refrigerated meals. Pre-order online or by phone at 508-881-1853 by Thursday.
Everything JalapeƱo and Not
Jams, jellies, relishes, salsas and pickles. Everything comes in HOT and NOT. To pre-order call 508-473-6062 by Thursday at 7pm.
Flats Mentor Farms
Specialty greens & Asian vegetables. Includes an assortment of bok choy, Thai basil, Maxixi Brazilian cucumbers, amaranth, bitter melon, mixed lettuces and more exotic veggies. No pre-ordering.
Hillcrest Apiary
Honey and beeswax products. To pre-order, call 508-612-5173 or email Jim Dawber at jda1066435@aol.com by Friday at 7pm. You can prepay by phone. 
Joyberry Farms
Gourmet mushrooms.  Joyberry is a small family owned farm growing delicious fresh mushrooms. Every week they bring a rainbow of healthy, colorful oyster mushrooms, including Lion’s mane and other seasonal mushrooms. (No pre-orders)
Julie’s Z Breads
Zucchini breads, muffins, cookies, & brownies. Regular, gluten free and vegan options available. Pre-orders aren’t required, but Julie can hold your preferred item for pick up if you call by Wednesday mornings. Call 508-533-1350. 
Long Life Farm
Certified organic and nutritious vegetables. Pre-order online by Thursday at 7pm for pick up at the market. Pay online with a credit card or at pick up with HIP/SNAP or cash.
OMG Bagels
Bagels, pastries, pies and english muffins. Pre-order by phone at 508-231-1440. 
SA’s Homestyle
Specialty sweet and spicy sauces. Pre-order from James Glick at 508-397-0961 or email sashomestyle@gmail.com by Friday at 8pm.
Samira’s Homemade
Hummus, Baba Ganoush and Muhammara spreads and grape leaves. Call 774-262-2266 or order online for pickup at the market by Thursday at 7pm.
Shady Pine Farm
Sustainably raised meat, poultry and farm fresh eggs. Email shadypinefarm@verizon.net to pre-order. Pay at the market.
Sunshine Farm
All kinds of fresh produce. Sunshine Farm prides themselves on their harvests of sweet corn, heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches and seasonal fresh flower bouquets. Sunshine doesn’t take pre-orders. 
Upswing Farm
Sustainable, “organic-style” produce and cut flowers. Their online shop opens for preorders on Thursdays at 7pm and closes on Fridays at 7pm. Pay online with a credit card or at pick up with HIP/SNAP or cash.
Valicenti Pasta Farm
Fresh pasta and sauce made in Hollis NH. Pre-order online by 7pm Thursday.